MBT trails & bike parks

At Surface we believe that the best trails are purpose built for specific users. Taking it a step further, we believe that most if not all bike trails should be directional to mitigate user conflict. For these reasons, we try to incorporate the bike park model whenever possible. Through our experience, we’ve learned that giving users directional trails that cater to all different skills levels provides the optimal experience.

Pump tracks

From the smallest backyard to a giant municipal field, we can fit a pumptrack into any setting. These tracks are great because they cater to a wide variety of skill levels, and can be ridden differently based on what each individual rider is looking for.


Multi-use trails

Whether you’re looking for a trail to hike, ride your bike or your horse, drive your ATV/UTV/moto, or all of the above….we’ve got you covered! We’ve built plenty of trails that work for everybody(even if we are partial to the bike-specific stuff)